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Paralympics Cauldron 1996 WXIA-TV 11Alive News Aug 16, 2016
Mark Wellman is still inspiring people, 20 years after lighting the cauldron at the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta.

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Mark Wellman lighting the 1996 Paralympics caludron

Half Dome a Historic Duel
10-Year Anniversary Ascent Of Yosemite¹s Half Dome
On September 4, 2001, paraplegic adventure athlete, Mark Wellman, along with long-time climbing partner Mike Corbett will begin their second ascent of the famous monolith in Yosemite National Park, Half Dome. The first ascent, successfully completed ten years ago in 1991, took the climbers 13 days.

It was the 20th actual ascent of the sheer altering Tis-sa-ack route, but was the first paraplegic ascent.
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The Route: The Direct Northwest Face on Half Dome, Yosemite National Park Rating: VI, 5.10, A3+ 2,000ft

Return to the Challenge July 19, 1999
Mark Wellman's and Mike Corbett's ascent of El Capitan.
More than ten years had passed since Mark Wellman's epic ascent of El Capitan. In one bold stroke Wellman broke through centuries of barriers in public perception and within the disabled community. His climb threw down a challenge to the world. . . .

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Cortina d' Ampezzo, Italy July 14-17, 2006
An Event to inspire and Motivate-and-all to achieve a greater participation in the outdoors.  More info....

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Climb El Capitan in Yosemite, ascend Mt. Shasta, even light the Paralympic Cauldron.




Mark Wellman's Golf Challenge is a community event that brings athletes with disabilities, celebrities, Olympians, and businesses together for an enriching evening and challenging golf tournament.

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