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Return to the Challenge - July 30, 1999 - Day 12

July 30, 1999 - Day 12

Mark Wellman and Mike Corbett would like to thank all their friends who have supported them, as well as their sponsors including HealthSouth, The Hartford, Chevy Trucks, The North Face, Yosemite Concession Services, Naya Water, No-Rinse, Apple Computer, Disabled Sports USA, Power Bar, Yates, Petzl, Sunrise Medical, Atwater-Carey, and PMI Dynamic.

Videography and Photography Eric Perlman, Al Golub, Tom Evans, Mark Chapman

Computer Support Jon DeLee

Internet Support Dave Basile

Sherpas - Lynnea Anderson and Derek Safley

Mule Team Guides Gary Wheat, Danny Brown and Priscilla the mule Rigger

Shawn from the Mountain Shop

Piggybackers two miles from ElCap summit Ken Wood, Craig Martin and Derek Safley

Chef Extrordinaire - Kenya, provided hot homemade Chile for the climbers at the summit

Couriers David Boiano, Mark Dager, Christian George and Scott Burke

National Park Service Stanley Albright and Bob Johnson

Yosemite Mountaineering School and Dave Bengston

"Return to The Challenge"
Media Contact Station Carole Praxmarer and Robie Wilson
"Return to The Challenge"
support members Beth Kiyosaki, Gene and Clancy Sullivan, Phil Ravinale D.C., Heather McCoy D.C., Ben and Stephanie Spangenberg, Michael Byxbe and Candace Cable, Doug and Linda Pringle, Melissa Praxmarer, Jon Burch, Craig Martin, Cyndi McDonnell, Rob Martin, Marc Goldman, Rich and Julie Babbitt, Wally Marsh, Monika Muhlgraber.

Yosemite Concession Services and Delaware North, as well as Susan Arthur, Sherry Ward, Kevin Kelly and Greg Owens

Yosemite Lodge and Managers Patrick Sheradon and Kevin Fish, all front desk Receptionists, the Maple building housekeeping crew.. especially Lee, Louise, Loraine, Guy, Mel, and Natasha.

A Special Thank You to; Warren Harding, Clare Hertel, Staasi Heropoulos, Nancy Osborne, Noelle Cisneros and Dierdre Fitzpatrick.

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