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July 27, 1999 - Day 9

After an early start and four pitches, Mark and Mike achieved their goal today, reaching Camp 5 at 9:15pm. Very weary and with fatigued forearms, Mark stated that he and Mike felt exhilarated and pleased to have reached their day nine destination.

"We are both in very high spirits, and plan on reaching the summit in two days" quoted Mike, as he had just completed hauling up their gear on the final pitch.

"I think I'll hike up to the top on Thursday. Those two look like they need a little instruction in their hauling techniques," stated Warren Harding , as he sat in the El Cap meadow viewing Mark and Mike from his binoculars. Recovering from his own latest climbing accident, Warren sat from below enjoying the well known and spectacular views above, "I was at a book signing and consulting some eager and enthusiastic climbers when the next thing I knew, I had tumbled down at least three and a half feet to the ground, directly off my bar stool. The recovery is going quite well.


Warren Harding, age 75, made the first successful climb of the Nose Route on November 12, 1958. A total of 47 days were required to complete the climb. He plans on being a part of the support team as the two climbers approach the summit of El Capitan.

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